Oh Canada: The Stupidity of Justin Trudeau

  One would have hoped that with Obama being replaced on the scene by President Trump, the world would begin turning the page on vacuous social justice politics.  Unfortunately that has not proved to be the case; as if to prove Marx’s theory that history repeats itself, first as tragedy then as farce, Obama has […]

Adventures in Gall (Part Two): The Return of the Queen

The most recent post on this blog dealt with the loathsome Samantha Power, summarizing her vapid yet destructive ‘contributions’ – such as they are – to the world scene as well as her shameless virtue-signalling (if any distinction can be made between the two, which I consider unlikely, both ‘humanitarian interventionism’ and ‘right to protect’ […]

Adventures in Gall (Part One): The Power of Samantha

It takes an increasingly strong stomach to follow current affairs any more, such is hypocrisy displayed by the people best positioned to influence them (Paul Ryan and his ‘Not who we are’ and ‘America is an idea!’ hectoring being a perfect example). Clockwise from top left:Samantha Power with John Kerry and Susan Rice, Power gesticulating […]

RIP Frank Vincent

Perhaps no other actor of recent times has injected so much pure character into so little screen time. As fitting of an epitaph as any — there are indeed no scraps in Frank Vincent’s scrapbook. Since any discussion of Frank Vincent inevitably involves shine box references (and rightfully so, since everything about the scene — both songs, the set, […]

Mesa Tactical Sureshell Side Saddle Shot Shell Holder

As described in my earlier post, the first modification I had identified for my Remington 870 Police Magnum was a provision to store more rounds on the weapon.  Side saddle shell holders are most popular and ergonomically agreeable manner for accomplishing this so I took to the internet and, after a few hours of research, […]

Handgun Action Shooting Events: USPSA vs IDPA

Practice is the critical component to learning how to shoot well and this goes doubly for learning how to shoot well enough to responsibly use a firearm (presumably a handgun) in self-defense.  That said, the typical indoor handgun range with its single targets set along fixed lanes of fire can build ones skill set only […]

Getting a grip: Aftermarket grips for the Browning High Power

Anyone who gathers multiple examples of the same basic object – be it Jeeps, skateboards, Fender guitars, etc – eventually seeks the differentiation that comes through customization.  This is especially the case with firearms, the best example (or worst example, depending upon the taste of the customizer) being AR platform rifles which, like Jeeps, have […]

Nabra Hassanen: Open Borders ideology claims one of its own

Nabra Hassanen in better days, protesting President Trump’s so-called travel ban at Dulles International Airport Much has been made of the recent murder of Nabra Hassanen and understandably so, given that she was by all accounts an attractive and vivacious teenager who met a truly horrifying end in the early hours of Sunday morning, June […]

The Blaming Finger points…

…but having pointed, apparently never moves on. Being a longtime news junkie and having followed — or perhaps better said, had Hillary Clinton inflicted upon me — for nearly 30 years, I’ve regarded her recent reappearance with some interest. To be sure, a little of Hillary goes a long way — ask the dead from Benghazi about that — but I still managed […]

Smith & Wesson J-Frame Bodyguard

Being one of the millions of Americans who in recent years took advantage of liberalized carry laws to get a Concealed Carry permit, I had long identified the need for a dedicated concealment piece; my previous choice for concealed carry was a Glock 19 but I found myself going unarmed quite often, clothing and comfort […]