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The Asshole Path and The Principle of Compounding Stupidity

The previous weeks have seen not one, but two cases of civilian-on-civilian shootings where initially insignificant slights were escalated to the point where one party dead ended up dead with the other in jail. These situations have been exacerbated by the fact that each shooting involved a black v. white confrontation and even further exacerbated […]

Another One Bites The Dust: Trayvon/Trevon Johnson Shot Dead in Florida

[Please note: In the articles used to compile this post, the spelling of the subject thug’s name varied between ‘Trevon’ and the more traditional ‘Trayvon’.  In the interest of emphasizing the interchangeability of said juvenile thugs, this variation has been maintained.] Last month there was another case of a self-defense related shooting in Florida, resulting in […]

Father Michael Pfleger: Because Every Rabble Needs Its Rouser

Neither the media nor the welfare state and its denizens are unfamiliar subjects on this blog.  We’ve found it an entertaining and useful exercise, drawing attention to how, even in a sympathetic media, the reality of what they profess sympathy with comes shining through. Naturally, given its Chi-raq moniker and endemic corruption, Chicago is no […]

Public Education Spending in America: Big wheel, keep on turning!

If you’re exposed to public education advocacy for any length of time – and, given the environment of constant millage increases, ballot referendum, strike threats, etc, who isn’t? – you will eventually hear some variation of the old trope ‘If we only spent as much on education as we do submarines/tanks/fighter jets/insert-other-weapon-system!’.  It’s used as […]

The light that burned twice as bright: The rising and passing of Quintonio LeGrier

Ever since the Trayvon Martin shooting, the real entertainment in any racially-inflamed or anti-police incident is to be found in the left-leaning media, their biases serving a sort of reverse barometer effect; the more furiously the author seeks to fan a ‘How could this happen?’ state of incredulous outrage, the more you can be sure […]

Culture, Behold Your Mother: The New Eves of Obama’s America

Having just left the field of public education after nearly six glorious years ‘teaching’ in majority welfare-dependent, majority ‘recent immigrant’ communities, I have at times found it a struggle to describe exactly what I observed; middle-class Americans seem reluctant to comprehend the length and breadth of the subculture that has grown (in fact thrived) upon […]

Baltimore, Freddie Gray and America’s Welfare Millionaires

Doing her best to put Baltimore’s long municipal nightmare behind them, America’s favorite helmet-haired, ‘Space to Destroy‘ allowing mayor announced the completion of a civil settlement to the surviving ‘family’ of the dearly departed Freddie Gray. “Because Mayor Rawlings-Blake had the foresight to take decisive action, we have accomplished [the settlement] without litigation, which is an […]

Rolling Stone’s Transparent and Idiotic Assault on Gun Rights

Their attempts to save cover boy Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from the death chamber failed, Rolling Stone magazine has moved on.  Like President Obama, Rolling Stone also regrets the lack of ‘progress’ on restricting gun ownership in America so they’ve decided to do something about it, counter-intuitively – at least to reasonable people – using Chicago’s ever-present gang […]