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Selected examples from the voluminous cupidity and stupidity of our self-appointed ‘informational elite’.

Adventures in Gall (Part Two): The Return of the Queen

The most recent post on this blog dealt with the loathsome Samantha Power, summarizing her vapid yet destructive ‘contributions’ – such as they are – to the world scene as well as her shameless virtue-signalling (if any distinction can be made between the two, which I consider unlikely, both ‘humanitarian interventionism’ and ‘right to protect’ […]

Adventures in Gall (Part One): The Power of Samantha

It takes an increasingly strong stomach to follow current affairs any more, such is hypocrisy displayed by the people best positioned to influence them (Paul Ryan and his ‘Not who we are’ and ‘America is an idea!’ hectoring being a perfect example). Clockwise from top left:Samantha Power with John Kerry and Susan Rice, Power gesticulating […]

Nabra Hassanen: Open Borders ideology claims one of its own

Nabra Hassanen in better days, protesting President Trump’s so-called travel ban at Dulles International Airport Much has been made of the recent murder of Nabra Hassanen and understandably so, given that she was by all accounts an attractive and vivacious teenager who met a truly horrifying end in the early hours of Sunday morning, June […]

Tis the season for transgression…

Possessed as they are of an unrelentingly secularist mindset, our mainstream media seems compelled to commemorate the Christmas season with any variety of anti-Christian content.  This year has proved no different, WaPo recently running a story condemning reverence for the Virgin Mary as a ‘celebration of purity’ that is ‘offensive’ to rape victims. Written by […]

The Roma have their own country, let them live there: The Indefatigable Rightness of Marine Le Pen

Now that Mario Renzi’s misguided Italian referendum has sunk to its inevitable ignominy, the French presidential election is the next major event on the global political scene so as a result Marine Le Pen has been in the news with increasing frequency lately.  This is hardly a bad thing; from the right’s perspective, she’s possibly […]

Conservative Media Inc: A Primer

Despite the howls of indignation from wide swaths of America regarding his candidacy, there have been numerous reasons to be thankful for Donald Trump’s efforts.  For instance, one can’t help but admire the manner in which he has placed the victims of illegal immigrant and gang crime in such a position of prominence; anti-crime populism […]

Father Michael Pfleger: Because Every Rabble Needs Its Rouser

Neither the media nor the welfare state and its denizens are unfamiliar subjects on this blog.  We’ve found it an entertaining and useful exercise, drawing attention to how, even in a sympathetic media, the reality of what they profess sympathy with comes shining through. Naturally, given its Chi-raq moniker and endemic corruption, Chicago is no […]

The NYT Weighs in on the (so-called) Migrant Crisis

The NYT’s Editorial Page has long been a bountiful source of unintentional laughs and ironic wisdom; indeed, running the ramblings of Tom Friedman for decades practically guarantees such. Still, amid a veritable Murderers’ Row of oblivious inanity made up of such luminaries like Friedman, Paul Krugman, Charles Blow, Joe Nocera, Maureen Dowd and David Brooks, the […]

Gwen Ifill steps in it (again)

Recently Gwen Ifill has been in the news, the PBS anchor under fire for a display of blatant partisanship, Ms. Ifill tweeting a taunt towards Israel’s sitting Prime Minister in regards the pending Iran Nuke deal. Typically Ms Ifill’s stature and the generally biased nature of PBS/NPR is enough to guarantee that such infractions of […]