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More than a form of religious belief and practice, Catholicism represents not only a worldview, but possibly the most complete worldview human history has ever produced.

Book Review: The Arts of Learning and Communication

Many things about modern life are dispiriting for the more traditional, to say nothing of the more sensible, among us.  Population replacement through immigration, mass criminality/terrorism, the rise of welfare dependency as an accepted lifestyle choice, the continued undermining of the family unit – all are unmitigated ills which show scarce signs of abating. One […]

Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Wyandotte MI

Upon leaving Texas earlier this year, among the first order of business was finding a new parish.  Luckily I now live not far from one of the most Catholic communities in America, Wyandotte Michigan. Vastly preferring the traditional cathedral-style church, one in particular immediately stood out, Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  A predominately Polish parish […]

A scant silver lining to the otherwise dismal ‘migrant crisis’

As dismal as the recent ‘migrant crisis’ and its associated terrorist attacks have been, a token benefit has been the discrediting of the neoliberal center-left, the whole species apparently determined to resign themselves to self-imposed irrelevance through a ‘Unless we let the terrorists win, the terrorists win!’ defense of their pet cause, open borders. Angela […]

Pope Francis and the Morality of Immigration

One of the most striking aspects of Francis’ recent visit to the US was his persistent advocacy on behalf of ‘immigrants’.  First, there was the well-publicized incident during his welcome parade, Francis acting as a prop in a photo-op staged by an advocacy group, accepting a statement in favor of DAPA Amnesty from a five […]

Aquinas on Vengeance, Virtue and Justice

The Pope’s latest comments on capital punishment, as unfortunate as they may be, nevertheless served one positive purpose, motivating me to make a deeper study of the Catholic Church’s teaching on the subject.  In the process I came across an absolute gem of natural law and moral theory, St Thomas Aquinas’ exposition on vengeance as […]