Another day in the life of our first ‘Social Justice’ papacy

Pope Francis and his unfortunate embrace of secularist multiculturalism tropes are nothing new – his recent visit to the US was a veritable jamboree of such sentimentally muddled rhetoric – so it should come as no surprise that, after the results of the American presidential race, he would weigh in yet again.

And so he has, the Associated Press carrying his latest pontificating in recent piece, Pope decries ‘virus’ of polarization over race, faith.

Luridly worded as it may be, the title is an accurate reflection of the Pope’s overblown alarmism:

The pope spoke of “our pitiful hearts that tend to judge, divide, oppose and condemn” and cautioned somberly against those who “raise walls, build barriers and label people.”

In Saturday’s homily, Francis commented how “we see, for example, how quickly those among us with the status of the stranger, an immigrant, or a refugee, become a threat, take on the status of an enemy. An enemy because they come from a distant country, or have different customs.”

He added: “The virus of polarization and animosity permeates our way of thinking, feeling and acting,” the pope said.

Apart from the ideology – which we’ll get to in a minute – this short statement provides an apt example of what so many Catholics find objectionable regarding Bergoglio’s papacy.  Compared to Benedict – a world-renowned scholar whose every word attested to the Church’s proud tradition of Aristotelian logic and Scholastic methods – Francis expresses himself in a manner more befitting a common campus lounge, Social Justice demagogue. His use of extreme language – ‘virus of polarization’, ‘pitiful hearts’, ‘raising walls’ – combined with his blatant and shameless Strawman arguments – So immigrants are ‘enemies’ simply because they ‘come from a distant country’? – hardly presents the Church in the best light, especially not after such cogent and deliberate thinkers like Benedict and John Paul.

That aside though, there really is something insidious at work in this statement, a denial of reality in the service of a corrosive ideology:

“We see, for example, how quickly those among us with the status of the stranger, an immigrant, or a refugee, become a threat, take on the status of an enemy. An enemy because they come from a distant country, or have different customs.”

The proposition that opponents of mass immigration see migrants as ‘enemies’ simply on account of their ‘different customs’ is not simply false but wrongheaded to an uncharitable degree; really, given the reality of what the world has experienced over the past two years, such a charge is a slur against anyone who is rightly concerned over current immigration policies (both in Europe and the US).

The extent of this wrongheadedness is most blatant when considering the situation in Europe. One hardly needs to waste words outlining the details of incidences like Cologne or Nice or Bataclan or Brussels; simply mentioning them either suffices or doesn’t.


What bears further attention is how the so-called ‘migrant crisis’ has destroyed the social fabric on a continuing, day-to-day basis.  The sickening situation regarding the burgeoning rates of sex crimes is nicely summarized here; the video of this young German lady begging for the protection of Western public norms is a more personal, even heart-rending, perspective of the same trend.  And this is hardly unique to Germany; women in Italy are now expressing fright and alarm over the changes migrants have wrought upon their communities.

Two incidences in particular illustrate the shocking degradation in public safety afflicting Europe. The first involves a gang rape by a pack of migrants in Hamburg.  The pack (minors apart from one adult) lured their victim, a fourteen year old German girl, to their apartment flat. Once there they fed her alcohol (So much for the vaunted Muslim sobriety!) then raped her repeatedly in her drunken state (even violating her anally with a bottle) before finally dumping her in the subzero environs of the courtyard.  It was only the intervention of a concerned neighbor that kept her from freezing to death; meanwhile, her juvenile rapists were released into the welcoming arms of their celebrating families. A subtitled You Tube summary is available here (including the loathsome displays by the families outside the courtroom), while the BBC story (which conveniently omits the background of the rapists) is available here.

Then there’s the even more absurd and stomach-turning case from Austria, an adult Iraqi male who raped a ten year old boy in a public swimming pool and proceeded to use the period of abstinence his relocation had forced upon him as a defense until he finally found his conviction overturned on the grounds that he was culturally confused regarding age of consent (Details here and here).

And, as if the details of this story aren’t disillusioning enough, it ultimately gave rise to the horrifying spectacle of Vladmir Putin credibly posing as a more informed and resolute defender of Western norms than practically anyone in the entire Western European political establishment (Ahem – Angela Merkel).  Helpful hint to the multiculturalists: When you need an ex-KGB Colonel to remind you that child rape is a negative social indicator, you have well and truly gone off the rails.

The situation is scarcely better in the US.  There are the accounts of illegals streaming across the unsecured border (here and here), their apologists exploiting various stratagems (here, here, here and here) to subvert our system (including out-and-out lies).

Due to the recent presidential campaign, the accounts of people like Katie Steinle and Jamiel Shaw have received their share of attention (This event provides an excellent summary). There is also the case of the four year old girl in Twin Falls ID, raped and urinated on by a pack of ‘refugees’ from a melange of dysfunctional MENA nations, the disgusting attack videotaped by the attackers (a tape that the local authorities struggled mightily to cover-up).

Two more recent cases provide excellent examples of the ongoing disaster that is our current immigration system.  The first involves one Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian, an illegal immigrant in Northern Virginia.  No doubt drunk and no doubt uninsured, Roberto Carlos indulged in one of the favorite pastimes of illegals in the US: the DUI motor vehicle collision (One wonders if Roberto Carlos has found time to sire offspring since his arrival in the US; if so, no doubt his children and their mothers are contributing to their community in their own particular way).

At any rate, then seeing an opportunity to do a job Americans are likely too lazy to do, Roberto Carlos proceeded to spend the next two hours repeatedly raping his female victim (perhaps taking Jeb Bush’s ‘Act of Love’ talk a bit too seriously).  Eventually tiring of his amusements, and probably stirred by the dawning light, the rapist left the scene.  His battered victim gathered herself up and crawled for help while Roberto Carlos fled to North Carolina; he was arrested three days later, in stereotypical fashion, on a construction site and now sits in a Lee County jail, charged with rape and sexual battery and subject to an ICE detainer (Too bad Roberto Carlos didn’t flee to the Sanctuary City of New York – Mayor Bill de Blasio could have set him free to commit more mayhem).

Speaking of New York, we come to our next example, that of Brentwood NY, a small suburb on Long Island.  All is not well in Brentwood of late, the city contending with a murder spree courtesy of MS13 gangbangers who have recently taken up residence.  A town of less than 60,000, Brentwood has recorded 14 murders since 2009, with four murders in the past year alone (Details here and here).


The numbers of the local MS13 set have been augmented by recent arrivals, apparently settled there as part of DREAM/DACA; even the New York Times has been forced to admit that illegal immigration has played a role in turning Brentwood into North Branch San Salvador.  The latest two victims were teenage girls, leading one to wonder if MS13 has imported their murderous brand of sexual sadism along with their drugs and tattoos.

Given all this, it’s difficult to agree with Bergoglio’s sentimental maundering in favor of ‘migrants’. Far from his assertion that the Western world has been ‘quick’ to see immigrants as ‘enemies’, the opposite seems to be true; after years of tolerance and generosity, people in both America and Europe are waking up to the reality of what they’re allowing to take root in their communities.  Given this reality, it’s hard to argue with the assessment – already posted here – of Hungary’s unfairly maligned Viktor Orban: We – namely the Western world – are in deep trouble.

Indeed, it’s the recognition of this ‘deep trouble’ that has lead to the political trends that Pope Francis decries with such misguided vehemence.  Given the current environment, equating skepticism of mass immigration with bigotry isn’t simply ignorant, it violates the Christian virtue of charity.