Nabra Hassanen: Open Borders ideology claims one of its own

Nabra Hassanen in better days, protesting President Trump’s so-called travel ban at Dulles International Airport

Much has been made of the recent murder of Nabra Hassanen and understandably so, given that she was by all accounts an attractive and vivacious teenager who met a truly horrifying end in the early hours of Sunday morning, June 18.

The evening started innocently enough, Miss Hassanen joining other friends making their Ramadan observances at a local mosque. They had left for a break sometimes around 2:00AM , taking the traditional pre-dawn suhoor meal at an IHOP a short distance from the mosque (At this point, let it be known that both her hometown of Reston VA and the scene of the crime, Sterling VA, are located in Fairfax County, a Sanctuary county).

At about 3:00AM they left the IHOP, walking and riding their bikes back to the mosque, the group of teens spilling over the sidewalk and onto the street. A car approached, driven by a single male only a few years older than the teens, a 22 year old El Salvadoran in the US illegally, Darwin Martinez Torres.

Taking umbrage with their blocking the street, Torres made some expression of disapproval; being teenagers, others in Miss Hassanen’s group replied in kind. Words were exchanged and confrontation ensued; at some point Torres exited the car wielding an aluminum baseball bat, scattering the teens except for the unfortunate Miss Hassanen, whose body was found the next day in a nearby pond, bearing numerous blunt force injuries and, reportedly, signs of sexual violation (Apart from Torres’ immigration status, details for this summary from here and here).

Pro Open Borders corporate media sources didn’t exactly cover themselves with glory in their handling of this story, scrupulously ignoring the suspect’s immigration status while playing up the Islamophobia and misogyny angles (from the WaPo-owned website Slate):

“It hurts us as a community to put this under road rage. He ran after her. He beat her. There’s a limit to what road rage can do,” said Reem, a young Muslim woman who lives near the ADAMS Center. “If you put it under road rage, it makes it seems like an accident,” agreed Reem’s teenage friend Husna. “You don’t do something like that in the moment. You don’t beat someone to death and dump her in a lake in the moment.” … “The fear is real. The fear of Muslim women in their day-to-day lives is palpable,” [Farris] Barakat said. “Muslim lives matter. Nabra’s life mattered. Your lives matter.”

Certain elements have even labored mightily to push ‘white supremacy’ as the cause for this crime. And given Hassanen’s participation in CAIR style agitation against President Trump’s immigration policies, such agenda-mongering was probably unavoidable, but the reality is far different.  ‘Islamophobia’ — and even worse, the social justice bugbear ‘white supremacy’ — is a pretty specious assertion to make here, considering that illegals kill people practically everyday in America with Salvadoran young adult males — particularly members of MS13 and its lesser-known competitor, Calle 18 — being the worst of a bad lot.


Salvadoran gang-bangers — operating in cliques known as Maras — are notorious for their hair-triggered sadism, systematically using violence as a means of asserting dominance over their territory. Everything in their subculture is centered around fear and intimidation which makes any attempt to predict why a Salvadoran illegal might commit an act of violence utterly pointless; there’s a reason why El Salvador consistently ranks among the world’s most violent nations —much of it disturbingly sexual in nature — even compared to active war zones.

Here’s a multiple homicide involving two girls of roughly the same age as Hassanen who were beaten with bats and hacked up with machetes — a favorite weapon among Las Maras — under similar ‘road rage’ circumstances: Illegal immigrants from MS-13 gang arrested for teens’ murders.

Nisa Mickens (left) and Kayla Cuevas (right)
An all-too familiar pattern

Here’s a story from less than a year ago, also from Virginia, where an illegal (Mexican, in this case) crashed into some woman’s car then spent two hours raping her in a roadside ditch: Man arrested and charged with rape of woman in Virginia highway attack.  Of course this woman wasn’t Muslim so, lacking the opportunity to virtue-signal over ‘Islamophobia’, the race-baiting social justice elements and their fellow-travelers in the media didn’t care.

Acting as if ‘Islamophobia’ is the only possible explanation for Hassanen’s murder is either flat-out ignorant or breathtakingly unscrupulous. People from that background kill for any variety of reasons: at times, it seems, simply because they can: Illegal immigrant pleads not guilty in rape, fatal hammer attack on Air Force veteran.

This MS13 clique in Houston kidnapped a pair teenage girls who discovered their Satanic shrine, killing one and raping another: Devil worshiping gang ‘sacrificed a teenage girl to Satan’.

15-year-old MS13 victim ‘Genesis’ (left), MS13 Satanist murderers Diego Rivera and Miguel Alvarez-Florez mugging for the camera (right)

Even infants aren’t safe: Police:Repeatedly deported gang member raped 2 year-old girl.

Tommy Alvarado-Ventura, Rapist of 2 year-old
Sadly, despite her apparent disapproval for his policies, it turns out that President Trump was right about the cause of Nabra Hassanen’s murder – Mexico and the rest of Central America are bringing us their drugs, their crime and their rapists.