Render Unto Caesar: Part Two

This, the third installment of The CNVE Chronicles, returns to the initial outbreak of the plague.  William loses his job and takes a position working at a local hospital which is expanding their patient relations department as part of a health care reform program.  Sonia returns to school, anxious about her basketball team’s prospects.  And Puchard is released early from prison as part of a mysterious Federal mandate.

William’s job at the hospital changes with an outbreak of an unseen variant of encephalitis, William recruited to take care of its dangerously stricken victims.  Sonia struggles to fulfill her various responsibilities as the disease rages on eventually leading to the suspension of the school year while Puchard renews old acquaintances and resumes his meth trade.

As the situation rapidly deteriorates Sonia and a friend, in search of safe refuge, respond to a request for volunteers working at FEMA Aid Centers.  And amid personal tragedy William leaves his position at the hospital while Puchard begins a horrifying spree of abduction and murder.

Render Unto Caesar, Part Two – 90 Pages/42,785 Words

Table of Contents

Chapter One – So much fail, so little time (Part One)

Chapter Two – So much fail, so little time (Part Two)

Chapter Three – The City Of Man

Chapter Four – A Masterpiece In Progress

Chapter Five – Novo Gladio

Chapter Six – Knight in White Satin Armor

Chapter Seven – Brothers In Arms

Chapter Eight – An official announcement, as soon as possible

Chapter Nine – Les hommes meurent et ils ne sont pas heureux.

Chapter Ten – They Mostly Come Out At Night

Chapter Eleven – A Friend to Those in Need of Friends

Chapter Twelve – A far, far better thing…