Alone and Unafraid: Part Two

In this, the first installment of The CNVE Chronicles, William and his friends have formed a salvage crew, scouring the deserted metro area for food, fuel and survivors while contending with the criminals who seek to eliminate the competition.  Sonia and Padma have struck out from the Evacuation Center, hiding from FEMA Security Forces, brigand gangs and the Infected along the way.  Puchard and his gang are safely ensconced in their hotel lair, trading drugs and plotting abductions.

With the arrival of fall, William and his friends are forced to confront the largest threat they’ve yet encountered, enlisting some unlikely allies.  Puchard deals with a betrayal from among the ranks while Sonia and Padma face a life of constant peril, summoning up personal strengths they never could have imagined.

Alone and Unafraid: Part Two 81 Pages/37,476 Words

 Table of Contents

Chapter One – No Rest for the Weary

Chapter Two – There Goes the Neighborhood (Part One)

Chapter Three – There Goes the Neighborhood (Part Two)

Chapter Four – Guilty Consciences

Chapter Five – The Fallen Brethren

Chapter Six – Boiling Crabs

Chapter Seven – Useful Anachronisms

Chapter Eight – Roadside Assistance

Chapter Nine – Wayward Souls

Chapter Ten – The Protective Association

Chapter Eleven – No Child Left Behind

Chapter Twelve – Dream a little dream…

Chapter Thirteen – The Siege

Chapter Fourteen – Summary Justice