The CNVE Chronicles

An epidemic of mutant encephalitis has spread across the globe, turning its victims into brain damaged maniacs while shattering modern society.  Amid the catastrophe, people struggle to survive and make their way through a new and horrifying reality.  People like Sonia Wilson, a collegiate athlete who, along with her neighbor, works as a medical volunteer at a FEMA Evacuation Center where she suffers a brutal assault and is forced to escape into the wasteland.  And people like William Weber, a former Gun Club Board Secretary who becomes the founder of a vigilante gang and leader in the new economy, balancing his commitment to others with the demands of self preservation.  Or Rob Puchard, a Methedrine cooker and serial killer, who finds in the ruined world the perfect tableaux for his twisted gifts and hideous vision.

The CNVE Chronicles is a an original take on the familiar post-apocalyptic genre, offering a provocative and timely reflection on what precisely defines a healthy community and the proper restraints of law.


Book One: Alone and Unafraid (Part One and Part Two)

Book Two: A Period of Reaping (Part One and Part Two)

Book Three: Render Unto Caesar (Part One and Part Two)

Book Four: Thine Alabaster Cities  (Part One and Part Two)

Book Five: The Rat Hunt (Part One and Part Two)