The Rat Hunt: Part One

In this, the fifth and final installment of The CNVE Chronicles, William introduces Sonia to life in their community, the two falling in love in the process.  They get married and are awaiting the birth of their child when their idyll is broken by Puchard’s unwelcome reappearance.  At a great personal cost the Protective Association decides to rid themselves of the distasteful menace once and for all.

The Rat Hunt, Part One – 79 Pages/34,205 Words

Table of Contents

Chapter One – After Action Report

Chapter Two – Housewarming Gifts

Chapter Three – The Adventures of Captain Casuistry

Chapter Three – Jason’s Birthday

Chapter Five – The DDT Spray

Chapter Six – Fuel, Rice and Beans

Chapter Seven – Strong Moral Values and a Gun

Chapter Eight – Man’s Search for Meaning

Chapter Nine – Heedless of the Freudian Implications…

Chapter Ten – Moral Ballast (Part One)

Chapter Eleven – Male Pattern One-Upmanship

Chapter Twelve – Guilty Pleasures

Chapter Thirteen – The Ultrasound

Chapter Fourteen – To Have and To Hold

Chapter Fifteen – ‘Til Death Do Us Part