The Rat Hunt: Part Two

In this, the fifth and final installment of The CNVE Chronicles, William introduces Sonia to life in their community, the two falling in love in the process.  They get married and are awaiting the birth of their child when their idyll is broken by Puchard’s unwelcome reappearance.  At a great personal cost the Protective Association decides to rid themselves of the distasteful menace once and for all.

The Rat Hunt, Part Two – 82 Pages/37,746 Words

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Slip Not On My Tears As You Dance

Chapter Two – Extreme Unction

Chapter Three – All those things that are to die…

Chapter Four – The Flamethrower

Chapter Five – Life’s artful triumph of vanities vanquished

Chapter Six – A Matter of Prudential Judgment

Chapter Seven – The Star Chamber

Chapter Eight – Visions of Johanna

Chapter Nine – Cracking the Books

Chapter Ten – Moral Ballast (Part Two)

Chapter Eleven – The Honey Trap

Chapter Twelve – Rivet Joint

Chapter Thirteen – Changing of the Guard

Chapter Fourteen – Sic Transit Gloria

Chapter Fifteen – The Long Ride Home

Chapter Sixteen – Epilogue: More Than A Feeling