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Paul Frantizek is a onetime engineer, teacher, missionary, marathon runner, ice hockey player, gun enthusiast and independent fiction author and political/cultural blogger.  I have seen enough of the world to dislike much of it and be quite opinionated in my defense of the little I admire and my denunciation of that which I regard with distaste.

The blog is organized among the following categories, with some posts cross-posted depending upon topic:


Catholic Anthropology – More than a form of religious belief and practice, Catholicism represents not only a worldview, but possibly the most complete worldview human history has ever produced.  These posts focus more on the anthropological impact of this worldview.


The Welfare-Educational Complex – Posts describing the nature and depth of the rot in our welfare state and public education system: two institutions that have gradually morphed into one another over the past so that their missions have become indistinguishable.  (Note: Some posts here are not especially respectful of politically correctness ).


Diversity Is Our Strength – Posts illuminating the absurdity of our popular culture’s current fetish towards multiculturalism and inclusion.  Title is obviously facetious – the insistence of our contemporary culture aside, ‘different’ isn’t always ‘better’.


Establishment Media Fail – Posts illustrating the stupidity and corruption of our corporate media.


The Writer’s Workshop – Posts focused on the craft of writing, the elements of storytelling and the beauty of language.


Meet the Clintons – Posts outlining the voluminous misdeeds of America’s Worst Family.