Thine Alabaster Cities: Part Two

In this, the fourth installment of The CNVE Chronicles, the Federal Government has declared a State of Emergency amid a wave of mob violence and terrorism.  Sonia begins her work as a volunteer nurse for FEMA, experiencing the horrific conditions at the Evacuation Centers and FEMA’s laughably inept administration.  William is holed up in his home with a collection of friends, waiting for relief and taking in what news he can while protecting his keep from the robbery gangs now stalking the metro area.  And Puchard is stalking the roadways, preying upon people fleeing the chaos while he expands his gang.

The chaos and corruption of the Evacuation Centers eventually claim Sonia as a victim, forcing her and Padma to flee into the blighted suburbs, seeking refuge amid the Infected. Control issues force Puchard to find shelter large enough to house his expanded gang while William and his friends broaden their self-defense activities to include ambushes of the burgeoning ranks of criminal gangs.

Thine Alabaster Cities: Part Two35,490 Words

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Victims of Circumstance

Chapter Two – Joyful Participation in the Sorrows of the World

Chapter Three – Affairs of the Heart

Chapter Four – Behind Every Peacemaker

Chapter Five – How Green Was My Alley

Chapter Six – Home, Sweet Home

Chapter Seven – No Good Reasons

Chapter Eight – The Deprivations of the Indecent 

Chapter Nine – The Final Imposture

Chapter Ten – To Save Us All From Satan’s Power

Chapter Eleven – Miles to go before we sleep…