A Period of Reaping: Part One

In this, the second installment of The CNVE Chronicles, William and his community take advantage of their newly pacified area to improve their situation, reactivating portions of the cellular network, establishing new outposts and expanding the nascent system of commerce while Sonia and Padma gather their scant supplies and find a shelter for the winter. Puchard and his gang contend with a betrayal while devising ever more depraved torments for their captives as a means of occupying themselves during the cold winter days.

With the arrival of spring Sonia and Padma strike out, food nearly exhausted and health failing. Sifting through the detritus of the dead world, they cross paths with first Puchard and then William, leading to a violent confrontation.


A Period of Reaping: Part One 64 Pages/27,987 Words

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Location, Location, Location

Chapter Two – Let there be light…

Chapter Three – Home Improvements

Chapter Four – The Wages of Sin

Chapter Five – I now pronounce you juice-head and bimbette…

Chapter Six – Walking the Road of Bones

Chapter Seven – The Right to Free Commerce

Chapter Eight – To sleep,perchance to dream…

Chapter Nine – A New Broom… 

Chapter Ten – The Airstrikes

Chapter Eleven – Manning the Quarantine Line

Chapter Twelve – The Birth of Tragedy

Chapter Thirteen –A Monster of Indifference

Chapter Fourteen –Freedom of Association

Chapter Fifteen – Reasonable Business with Reasonable People