Teacher of the Year, Part One: Slacker Americanus

Teacher of the Year: Slacker Americanus

Chapter List Beginning With The Ending In Mind

  1. The Best Year Yet!
  2. Jean Jacques Rousseau, Chronic Masturbator
  3. The Most Pitiable of Men

The Habits and Habitat of Slacker Americanus

  1. Gifted and Talented
  2. Retards, Three Different Kinds
  3. Hector’s Testament
  4. The Rising of the Tide, Part One
  5. Falling Through The Cracks
  6. A Youth of Certain Potential
  7. What rough beast slouches towards the T-Ball Tournament?
  8. Vanessa’s Wild Rumpus

Million Dollar Babies

  1. An Educator’s Promise…
  2. Teach us to care and not to care
  3. ‘If the youth only knew!’
  4. Hummus and Cotes du Rhone
  5. Cherchez la femme
  6. Neela Goes Missing