Teacher of the Year, Part Two: Freshly Shaved Forehead

Teacher of the Year: Part Two – Freshly Shaved Forehead Chapter List

The Dead Are Right But The Living Are Not All Wrong

  1. The Privilege of the Dead
  2. Louis Learns the True Meaning of Humanism
  3. Pure Happenstance
  4. Mrs. Nadia Singh, RN
  5. The Ties that Bind
  6. ‘Hell is other people’
  7. Ever Stalwart

Les Tourments de l’Enfer

  1. Elitist Minorities
  2. No Smoking Allowed
  3. Hector’s Untimely Initiative
  4. Locard’s Principle Wins Again
  5. Denim Skirts and Ankle Tattoos
  6. The Teen in the Hoodie

Freshly Shaved Forehead

  1. We Who Are About to Receive Participant Medals Salute You!
  2. Teacher Of The Year
  3. Epilogue: The Rising of the Tide, Part Two