RIP to the most influential black American who ever lived: Chuck Berry

The past week marked the passing of a true giant in American – indeed global – popular culture, Chuck Berry leaving us on March 18 at the age of 90. As much as Elvis Presley became known as the ‘King of Rock-n-Roll’, in reality the title well and truly belonged to Chuck Berry; Berry was […]

St Mary, Our Lady of the Annunciation

Some time last year year I ran into, if not precisely a set-back in my faith life, at the very least an unexpected (and, frankly, unwanted) change; following what has been a trend in many Catholic parishes, my church cancelled it’s early AM Sunday Mass. Now the cancellation of the traditional early Sunday Mass as […]

Christmas 2016, Shrine of the Little Flower

After last year’s post of the Christmas decorations at Our Lady of Mt Carmel, this year we’ll feature the Shrine of the Little Flower, Royal Oak MI.  Merry Christmas and blessed New Year to all! Also a few of my admittedly more modest local parish, Our Lady of the Anunciation in South Rockwood MI:  

Tis the season for transgression…

Possessed as they are of an unrelentingly secularist mindset, our mainstream media seems compelled to commemorate the Christmas season with any variety of anti-Christian content.  This year has proved no different, WaPo recently running a story condemning reverence for the Virgin Mary as a ‘celebration of purity’ that is ‘offensive’ to rape victims. Written by […]

The Asshole Path and The Principle of Compounding Stupidity

The previous weeks have seen not one, but two cases of civilian-on-civilian shootings where initially insignificant slights were escalated to the point where one party dead ended up dead with the other in jail. These situations have been exacerbated by the fact that each shooting involved a black v. white confrontation and even further exacerbated […]

Another day in the life of our first ‘Social Justice’ papacy

Pope Francis and his unfortunate embrace of secularist multiculturalism tropes are nothing new – his recent visit to the US was a veritable jamboree of such sentimentally muddled rhetoric – so it should come as no surprise that, after the results of the American presidential race, he would weigh in yet again. And so he […]

Blue Army Chapel and St Joseph Bookstore

I was the beneficiary of a rather fortuitous sequence of events recently. Apparently, in a drive to help municipalities raise funds, the state of Michigan amended a variety of traffic laws, among them accessing turn-arounds on divided highways; where one could previously drive out of a parking lot into the turn-around directly facing the lot exit, now such […]

Fiocchi 7/8 Oz Reduced Recoil 12 Gauge Slugs

As I noted in my Remington 870 Police Magnum post, the one issue I had with with gun was the heavy trigger pull; trigger pull on the 870P is set in the 7 to 8 lb range (the cheaper Express closer to 5 lbs), excessive by most reasonable measures.  Indeed, the first time I fired slugs […]