CETME Sight Adjustment

One of the responsibilities, as well as one of the pleasures, of gun ownership is the maintenance of one’s firearms.  A critical part of this is making certain that the weapon is capable of placing its rounds where the shooter aims it; a firearm that doesn’t hit what it’s aimed at is dangerous, to say […]

Diversity Strengthens the US Navy

It’s an article of faith in among our elites that diversity intrinsically improves all it touches, an attitude summarized quite well by no less of a personage than Mark Zuckerberg.  “We believe the world is better when people from different backgrounds and with different ideas all have the power to share their thoughts and experiences,” Facebook’s […]

Conservative Media Inc: A Primer

Despite the howls of indignation from wide swaths of America regarding his candidacy, there have been numerous reasons to be thankful for Donald Trump’s efforts.  For instance, one can’t help but admire the manner in which he has placed the victims of illegal immigrant and gang crime in such a position of prominence; anti-crime populism […]

Another One Bites The Dust: Trayvon/Trevon Johnson Shot Dead in Florida

[Please note: In the articles used to compile this post, the spelling of the subject thug’s name varied between ‘Trevon’ and the more traditional ‘Trayvon’.  In the interest of emphasizing the interchangeability of said juvenile thugs, this variation has been maintained.] Last month there was another case of a self-defense related shooting in Florida, resulting in […]

2016 Easter Feast

Representing as it does the breaking of the Lenten fast, Easter is far and away the most important feast day on the church calendar, with most Orthodox and Catholic ethnic communities having their own particular specialty dishes.  This is especially pronounced among the Central European nationalities so, without further ado, I present my family’s typical […]

Best of the Type: Hungarian FEG SA85M 922r Conversion

For our next firearm ownership narrative we’ll be treating the most widely produced gun ever made, the iconic AK47. The history of the AK47 is fairly well-known.  Designed during WW II by a Red Army tank mechanic, Mikhail Kalashnikov, his magazine-fed, select-fire rifle was chambered for the 7.62X39mm round developed for the SKS45.  The biggest misconception […]

Father Michael Pfleger: Because Every Rabble Needs Its Rouser

Neither the media nor the welfare state and its denizens are unfamiliar subjects on this blog.  We’ve found it an entertaining and useful exercise, drawing attention to how, even in a sympathetic media, the reality of what they profess sympathy with comes shining through. Naturally, given its Chi-raq moniker and endemic corruption, Chicago is no […]

Century CETME Sporter

For the latest in my series of firearms related posts I will be treating one of the problem children in my armory, the Century Arms International CETME Sporter purchased circa-2002.  The Century CETME is rather notorious among rifle enthusiasts for its parlous build quality, something that requires rather in-depth explanation, related as it is to […]

Hillary 2016: Chinese Water Torture

One of the striking things about Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign is the persistent reluctance on the part of the sincere left to accept her as one of their own.  Her socialist opponent steadfastly refuses to concede to her professed bona fides, a proposition that, if Iowa is any indication, Democratic primary voters seem inclined to […]

Hillary Clinton: War Stories

Hillary Clinton has always had a certain abject shamelessness, a boundless opportunism to say whatever she feels is necessary to further her cause at any particular moment regardless of whose intelligence it offends or how false it will be proved upon examination (Naturally, spending decades surrounded by dependent sycophants and a supine press is helpful […]